Elephant King

Elephant King (0)

Elephant King

Redatelj: Julian Thomas
Trajanje: 53min


This is the story of a unique band of African elephants that relies on a waterhole for survival during one of the driest winters on record. Forced into close proximity by thirst, we follow the friendships and fights, bonds and battles that form when drought hits the elephants of Namibia’s Etosha National Park. In particular the bull elephants’ massive leader is missing and battle for his crown is about to begin.

Monitoring the action is scientist Caitlin O’Connell. She’s spent the last 20 winters at this waterhole, and her studies into elephant communication, body language and vocalisations have made her one of the world’s leading experts in elephant conduct. Her unique ability to read elephants’ minds has led to some remarkable findings – she was the first person to unearth the method of elephant communication through vibrations in the ground and to prove that elephants actually listen to these vibrations with special sensors in their feet and the tips of their trunks