Big Bugs

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Big Bugs

Redatelj: Steve Nicholls and Martin Mészáros
Trajanje: 50min


There are perhaps four and a half million different kinds of bugs sharing the planet with us. They exist in a bewildering variety of forms, some more like creatures from an alien world. Big Bugs asks how and why these creatures have become so successful.

One factor linking all bugs is their exo-skeleton – a tough suit of armour covering all their soft parts. Made of a substance called chitin, it can be moulded into an infinite variety of shapes. It can turn jaws into lethal weapons or be shaped into delicate wings.

Yet even delicate wings are surprisingly tough. Big Bugs follows the incredible journey of the monarch butterfly, from its wintering grounds in the mountains of Central Mexico, where tens of millions crowd the air, right up into southern Canada. Those that reach Canada are the great great great grandchildren of those that left Mexico, yet the last generation to emerge will themselves make the whole of the return journey, perhaps 4000 kilometres. How they find one tiny patch of hillside in Mexico, a place they have never seen, is one of the great mysteries of the insect world.