Climate change

Climate change (2014)

Climate change

Trajanje: 45min


The Earth is inhabited by 7,150,000,000 people who go about their lives, unconcerned about what’s happening around them. We get around in cars, cook, boil water, listen to music, watch TV, heat and air-condition our homes, and fly in planes. All these activities require gas, coal or natural gas, the three dirtiest energy sources in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Our consumption does nothing to slow climate change – and if we keep going, the human race is going to hit a wall. In 2013, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its Fifth Assessment Report. Things are getting clearer with each report, and the worst-case scenarios are now prevalent. The Earth is warming faster than ever before in its long history. The ice shelf is disappearing at record speed – Greenland’s may well fully melt down. Sea levels will rise several metres. Hundreds of millions will find themselves standing in water, and will have to leave their homes. Storms will become increasingly violent. And yet, despite warning signs from the world’s scientists, nothing is changing


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